Eav's Garden Massage

Deep massage, deep vibration, deep detox

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Type Massage-


          Activate the receptors threw the limbic brain as your memory is freshend with the sweet spice herbed aroma.  

Spices Available:

         -Orange, Rosemary, Tea tree, eucalyptus, french lavendar, sage.

Spa Services-

           Enjoy the detoxing clays, wraps, and body scrubs as you are gently scrubed and cacooned into a rejuvinating state.

Available clays, wraps, scrubs-

           -Lavender Oil Wrap, Dead Sea Mudmask, Seaweed Wrap, Sedona Red Clay

Deep Tissue-

          Benificial for those in chronic pain, wanting improvment of posture, balance, and movement.

Lymph Drainage-

           Used to release build up liquid areas.

Sports Massage-

           Enjoy a fast activation to the blood before an event or game, or perhaps a cool down after the activity and flush away all the alactic acids.


         Relaxing tention, stress, and moods as you are softly massaged. As the scalp hold over 400 pressuer points, strech, massage, and activate the brain.

Kai Loa Lomilomi-

         As the hawaiins would put it, let the motions of the waves heal the body.


             Warm wood massage, for deep work needed.

Hot Stone Massage-

              Relaxing away deep stress threw heated stones.


           Opening the meridian pressure points of the body.

Table Thai-

            Deep stretching and twisting the muscles.


            Clear the trigger points in the hands, feet, and scalp.









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